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Send me to Copenhagen

EDIT: THANK YOU for your help!
I'm back from the COP-15, and will be uploading my report very soon.

Dear All,

The link to donate is here!

By Amma's grace, I (Link) have been selected to be one of the 20 member team of Indian Youth Delegates to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-15) in December, this year!

Thank you all so much for your generous, selfless, and kind contributions to help me get to the 15th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC COP-15) in Copenhagen. I want everyone to know how this money entrusted to me is being used. Your contributions, love, and trust are very important to me.

Budget1: Click to see budgetBudget1: Click to see budget

My team members and I need every bit of financial support possible, for tickets to and survival in Copenhagen.

Additionally, Vimukta (Westerner) very kindly gave me “pocket money” of DKK 1700. Thank you so much.
My accomodation there is covered by the University of Technology, Sydney (Australia). This university is funding the Indian Youth Delegation for the second time. They offered to fund my travel as well, but since all of you pitched in to cover travel, I was able to release those funds to the team, and another person's ticket was covered.
My Uncle sent funds for my Mom to come, so I'm very happy to announce that she'll be going with me. My food is taken care of by other family contributions.
Additionally, thanks to everyone who has lent us warm clothes... we would freeze without you!

If you are interested in doing a corporate sponsorship, please read the entire sponsorship document here.

Thank you!

Item Description Cost per person Delegation cost (x20)
Flights Flight from Mumbai to Copenhagen + Carbon Offsets Rs. 45,000 Rs. 9.00 Lakhs
Accommodation $50/night based on twin share, 19 nights (1st Dec - Dec 18th Dec) Rs 2500 * 19 = Rs. 47,500 Rs. 9.5 Lakhs
Local travel On-ground travel between venues at $10/day Rs. 9,500 Rs. 1.90 Lakhs
Other – per diem - multimedia equipment Per-diem paid by delegates. Will be brought by delegates or lent in-kind. x x
Visa fees Waived by the embassy -- --
Total 20 delegates Rs. 1,02,000 Rs. 20.40 Lakhs



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